Starting a coaching business checklist – a free guide + video

There are many challenges when starting out.

Here, I’ve created a comprehensive checklist to help coaches navigate the complexities of starting and growing their businesses online.

There are three ways to learn from this page:

  1. watch the video below, where I guide you through the most important points and explain each
  2. read the article, where I’ve laid out the summary of the video itself
  3. download the free coaching business checklist PDF at the bottom of this page. Print it out and fill in the blanks as you follow along the video or at your convenience

Why a Checklist?

A well-structured checklist can be used as a roadmap, guiding coaches through the essential steps of business development and digital marketing strategies.

It ensures that no critical aspect is overlooked, from branding to client acquisition, setting a solid foundation for your coaching practice.

Every business is different, so it is OK to not check all the boxes. However, make sure that you are making informed decisions and are skipping certain sections on purpose. Here are the basics.

Starting a coaching business checklist

  1. Niche: Identify your coaching niche with market research. Find the intersection between your coaching interests, expertise, and market demand. Use online tools to verify assumptions and set your business for success.
  2. Branding: A good niche selection should help connect you and your audience. Use your origin story and personality to define and build your brand and digital presence around.
  3. Website: Your website is your digital home. All roads lead to Rome Your Website. Everything you do online, should lead to the place where you have all the right content, tools, and processes in place. Click here to Learn how to build a simple but effective coaching business website.
  4. Content Strategy: Create content to deliver value. Build authority and trust with it. Create for those who will find you through your content and those who will get to trust you through it. Use email, images, text, video, 1-on-1, and group meetings.
  5. Social Media: Utilize social media platforms to share the value and to connect with your target market.
  6. Lead Generation: Implement strategies to attract and retain clients. Use organic and paid channels. Use the best practices when it comes to SEO, actions, and conversion.
  7. Prospect Nurturing: After attracting potential clients, it’s important to keep them engaged and guide them towards the right content for them. Use targeted campaigns to further deepen your relationships with them.
  8. Sales Process: A clearly defined sales process makes it easy to repeat and improve on. In your process, identify several products or offers that you can sign up your prospects on.
  9. Client Relationship Management: Foster strong relationships with your clients. Make sure to get feedback and apply changes where needed. Use their feedback for case studies and referrals.
  10. Analytics: Implement analytics and conversion tracking. Monitor website and campaign performance and adjust strategies based on data.
  11. Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of market trends and adjust your strategies accordingly. Become the coach for your chosen niche through your expertise and authority.
  12. Give back: Partner and collaborate with other professionals and businesses to expand reach and authority

Bonus: Based on your location and the specific niche, you also need to consider registering your company and obtaining any necessary certifications. Research local regulations and industry standards to ensure your business operates legally and meets professional expectations.


Utilizing this checklist can significantly enhance your business’s growth and success. It’s not just about ticking off boxes, it’s about understanding the value behind each step and how it contributes to your business goals.

Each item on the checklist is an opportunity to refine your approach and ensure your coaching business not only launches successfully but thrives.

The journey of building a successful coaching business is challenging but can also be rewarding and exciting. With this essential startup checklist, you know what are the basics and you can decide which step to focus on next.

Free PDF checklist

This checklist is also available as a PDF, which you can print out and add notes to.

If you want my help with filling the blanks and also executing on building your coaching business, book a free introductory call in the calendar below.

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