About Rob

Transforming Ideas into Digital Success

Hi, I’m Rob, the founder of Worbee. My journey into web development began over 20 years ago, driven by a passion for technology and a desire to create impactful online experiences.

I’ve built hundreds of web projects and helped dozens of clients grow their online presence.

Now, I’m dedicated to helping coaches and online educators use the web to increase their income and build a scalable business.

Have a look at my Digital Acceleration for coaches or continue reading for my story.

A kid that wanted to be

a writer, a scientist, a teacher

From a very young age, I was fascinated by science, writing, and teaching. I envisioned myself working in one of these fields.

a code creator

But, discovering programming in 1994 ignited a passion that shaped my path forward.

I quickly understood that programming empowered ideas to materialize and become real things that others can use and share. This passion continues to drive me in my coding journey.

Career in the Web industry

I pursued computer science in university and started working professionally as web developer in 2002. The web’s open standards and accessibility captivated me.

Each role deepened my understanding of the web’s potential and the potential of transforming ideas into digital assets.

I not only worked as a software engineer, but also as team leader and project manager. I mentored my colleagues, presented at conferences, and taught Web development at my university and a few private schools.

I enjoyed working with people and computers.

Here is me
presenting at the
first WebTech conference
in 2005

Rob presenting on the re-usability of PEAR modules in WebTech 2005.

Transition to Remote Work

For the past decade, I’ve embraced the freedom of remote work, collaborating with clients worldwide on my own schedule. This flexibility has allowed me to balance professional growth with personal time.

Remote work has expanded my horizons, enabling me to select clients that align with my values and interests. It allows for a work-life balance that traditional office jobs often can’t provide. I’ve worked with clients I’ve never met in person, yet we’ve created great work together.

I want to enable others to explore remote work. It is a big enabler of financial, location, and time freedom.

Client Success Stories

I’ve had the privilege of transforming clients’ businesses in various ways:

  • From Zero to Hero: Turning a non-existent digital presence into a thriving e-commerce store.
  • Agency Frustration to Satisfaction: Resolving frustrations with previous agencies to deliver seamless, enjoyable experiences.
  • Clarity and Vision: Bringing clarity and direction to clients’ digital strategies.
  • Hands-off Digital Growth: Providing a 360 handling of the entire digital presence and growth for clients that value speed and time.

Clients have seen significant transformations, from increased visibility and engagement to enhanced user experiences and streamlined operations.

strategic approach

My approach combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of clients’ needs. I prioritize what’s best for their business goals and implement proven systems for seamless coordination and delivery.

holistic work

I start by understanding the client’s goals and then get to work, combining soft and hard skills to deliver effective solutions. My systems for coordination, communication, delivery, and implementation ensure that projects run smoothly and successfully.

Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me:

  • JuiceRocket, CA, US: “Fantastic job!! Easy to communicate with and did the job perfectly.”
  • Peter H., Amsterdam, NL: “Very prompt and efficient service provided by Robert. Project delivered on time and within budget. A delight to work with.”
  • Paul H., Sheffield, GB: “Excellent communication and always ready to help. Can definitely recommend!”
  • Bryce R., TX, US: “Fixed the problem very quickly, did what others couldn’t do in a week, in one day.”
  • Stephen P., London, GB: “Really good at thinking up simple ways to make the project those extra few % better than expected.”
  • Ian P., Luton, GB: “Quite Brilliant. Great understanding, vision, and application of what I wanted. Robert goes above and beyond… I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
  • Philippe V., Brussels, BE: “Excellent communicator.”
  • Lucy W., TX, US: “Quick and very supportive. Enjoyed working with him.”

Empowering through teaching

My teaching experience allowed me to coach clients, and empower them in their decision making and business growth. I help clients gain new skills and confidence in their digital strategies. This empowerment leads to better utilization of digital tools and greater success.

Personal life

I live in a small, pretty town in Bulgaria with my partner and our two kids.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me in my vegetable garden or woodworking. These hobbies keep me grounded and inspire my professional work. They remind me of the importance of balance and the joy of creating something with my own hands.

Worbee Mission

At Worbee, my mission is to accelerate digital growth for coaches and educators. I leverage my extensive experience in web development, teaching, and remote work to help them build successful online businesses.

I believe in creating a work-life balance that allows living on your terms, fostering both success and fulfillment. It is a hard work, but a fulfilling one.

Reach out if this is something you’d like to discuss further.