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I’m Rob, your WordPress expert with over two decades of web development experience.

As I only work with a select few clients, I wanted to also offer something back to the community and to everyone who is early in their business journey.

Here you can see a list of tools and resources that I’ve put up for free, no strings attached.

How to Manage your WordPress Website for success: The Essentials 🚀

Running a website, but lost in the tech lingo? Let’s simplify it!

Join me for a 30 minute webinar about what goes into managing a successful website.

We’ll touch the topics of domains and hosting, and will then dive into the specifics – themes, plugins, and effective content management. I’ll mention a few advanced topics too, including SEO, custom code, and security.

This workshop is perfect for website owners who want to gain an overview of the technical landscape and create a plan on how to make their websites work better.

You will be more informed, able to make better decisions, manage your website better, and to hire the best people to take your websites to the next level.

Small groups of up to 15 seats only!

Register today to get notified about the next available date.

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